Wednesday, 01 March 2017.
News from George on his travels...

News from George on his travels...

February has gone and we are half way through our winter adventure.

I think I left you last month saying I was off to a meditation retreat up in the highlands of Sri Lanka. Well, we got there to find out that the teacher had died a while ago and that they wanted to charge us the earth to stay. So, needless to stay, we high-tailed it and the trip turned into something completely different. We ended up rafting down a river in Kithulgala - watching amazing devil dancing and fire walking in Kandy (the capital of the central highlands) and we visited a group of caves that are 2500 year old - evidence of a lost culture. We also visited tea plantations and saw hornbills and sea eagles - all thrown in for good measure!

That lasted about 10 days because I had to get back to the coast as I had a contest to organize. The ‘Middigama Open’ is organized by myself and a Brazilian resident friend of mine. It's the second year we have run this contest and it is sponsored by local businesses - mostly surf camps based in and working in the area. It's a way for all of us here to give back to the surfing community. The local surfers love it and take it seriously by training and spreading the word through the jungle telegraph.

It took 2 weeks of running around, chasing logos and sponsorship money and eventually all was in place. On the 25th February at 7.00am, the contest was a ‘go’ with conditions we prayed for. Superb 4 to 6 foot waves, with small barrels and no wind all day! We had 2000 spectators and 70 competitors who entered the contest.

The day went without a hitch, except for the fact that I ended up doing 3 people’s jobs - on the microphone, time keeping and being head judge.

The final was ‘on fire’ and was won by a French surfer, followed by a South African and an Australian, with fourth place going to a young, up-and-coming Sri Lankan surfer. All in all, a great day, great contest (Knackered though…)

Meanwhile, my kids are killing it in the surf. My boy (who’s 8 years old) went out in the surf 3 times his size and my daughter (who’s 10 years old) is a little less adventurous and the more sensible one, is charging as well!

I love surfing with them, I love seeing how they're coming on so much and how much they're learning. Everyday seems like they are pushing some new boundaries. Amazing adventurous crazy kids. I am truly blessed…

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