Friday, 27 January 2017.
So where is George…?

So where is George…?

It has been raining for 3 days now, unseasonal, but tropical rain. Normally it’s dry this time of year, but hey it’s still 30 degrees! We're in Sri Lanka for 4 months based in the southern tip near a Dutch colonial city called Galle, where we've slipped into a nice routine of surfing in the morning and then onto our different chores and little missions we have set ourselves.

The kids here have been surfing for about 5 or 6 years now but never as keenly as they are now. We all get in the water at about 8.00am - as long as it's not too big for them - and we surf until about 9.30am with a combination of lefts and rights over a coral reef break.

The kids are aged between 8 and 10 and they are ripping! They get lots of encouragement from everyone around.

The rest of the time is split between homeschooling and some chores. We've chosen not to do the international school this year so that we get more time together and. The school is 45 mins away along one of the most dangerous roads I have come across and I tell you I have been around!

We've rented a 2 bedroom house close to a temple and a secondary school and wake up to prayers and the national anthem all weekdays. We have visits from monkeys who feed off the Papaya leaves on the trees in our garden and lots of birds singing all day competing with the chipmunks running along the walls eating food we put out for them.

I have volunteered to help the local international school every Thursday afternoon with surf club, where around 20 kids pop down after school and surf for an hour. I also have an advanced class on Saturdays with 5 kids of the same level as my kids who want to improve their skills.

My wife is a massage and craniosacral therapist doing some freelance work for a couple of the higher end surf camps dotted along the coast.

On Friday we're heading into the hills to a hermitage to spend 10 days doing silent meditation, so all the preparations are under way. We'll be catching a train along one of the most scenic train routes in the country up toward the mountain spiritual city of Kandy.

So I guess I will fill you in on what happened in the next blog.

See you soon.

Ps, the dates for our summer camps and junior programme at Jersey Surf School will be up next week so have a look and start thinking of your own little surfing adventure this summer.

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